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                       Couple of Cake Contests

                                      Halloween Cake contest
There is an Active Halloween Cake contest going on right now ,
Through out September from The Sugar By :Kathryn

According to there site which you can see through the link above:
The contest gallery will open for voting on Monday, October 3rd and the winners will be announced on Friday, October 7th.  This contest will allow one vote per day per person and there will be 6 winners ,,,,

                                             Bling Bling Cake Contest

Sign up For (click Here)- Cakes We bake , They run a cake contest Every month , Sign up is free, Its A Great group of Cake decorators from beginners to Professionals,  They answer any questions you may have and they are Real Friendly ,  sign up and enter into there cake contest , this month's cake contest is Bling Bling , with  1st Place  & 2nd Place Prizes
Enter your bling bling cake by Thursday, September 22nd for a chance to win. Add the photo to your profile.

Bling bling cakes include shimmer (lustre dust), glitter, gemstones, rhinestones - something sparkly.

The top ten cakes will be determined by the number of people selecting it as their favorite with the favorite button.  Voting will take place from Friday, September 23rd to Tuesday, September 27th. The top ten cakes will be displayed on Wednesday, September 28th. The judges will vote from September 29 - 30.  The winners will be posted on October 1st.

We enter into the cakes we bake cake contests as Often as we can ,,,, This is Hosted By Theresa, Cakes We bake Owner,,,,
 Thanks for visiting and well see you real soon , Have Fun Baking
                                              Cake Contests
                  Active Cake Contests i have found on the Internet

         Cakes We Bake :     Unique Wedding Cake Contest:
        Contest is From  Theresa , She is a Really Nice lady who is very       
                             helpfull and understanding 

Click this link for more info :
Entry Submitted by Sept 30,2010


                                    What type of cake would you create for
                   If asked to present a cake to him for his 52nd birthday?

                  They  are seeking the most creative MJ themed birthday cake to be
                apart of the fabulous MJFanvention2010 birthday four day weekend
                          celebration. You don’t have to be a professional.

                    Enter the competition now! Click this Link for All rule


                  Edna De Las Cruz:
                     Summer Sensation 2 Teir Cake Competition :

                           Click here for more info :    
                                 Photo Submitions no later then July 31,2010

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